Best Strapless Bras for Dancers

Shopping for a strapless bra is quite tricky compared to buying any other clothing item. You will often find yourself cursing out the strapless bra for falling off, digging into the ribs, and for unexplainable irritation when you finally get to wear it. Strapless bras can cause problems. They tend to go against the force of gravity with no straps to hold the breasts. Plus, most of us can relate to reaching for the bathroom to get the bra up, and it’s so annoying.

However, brands listen when women complain. Currently, designers have come up with ideal strapless bras with some advanced technical features, superior fabric, and expanded bra sizes offering ultimate support to all breast types. These bras stay put and are also super comfortable. Whether you love versatile designs, you can go for the ones with removable straps, bandeaus, or push up strapless bras.

When out shopping for strapless bras, ensure the band fits snugly yet tighter than your regular bra. Sometimes it’s advisable to go down a size. You should also look for a bra with a thicker band around the rib cage with three-four hook closures for maximum comfort. A narrow band around the back and …

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